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11-24-16: Happy Thanksgiving baby! Hope you have a nice relaxing turkey day! I am not doing anything too fancy. Have had some family over - so haven't had 24/7 live cam on - but will resume that next week. :) I am super excited about upcoming new videos with new lovers. I know you are going to enjoy them as well. I've just been doing a lot of yoga, de-stress type stuff lately. Time for me now and doing things that make me happy. One of which is SEX! lol of course you already knew that one! Anyways, I will be posting free previews soon. Hope you have a relaxing day & that we can chat sometime !



11-14-16: Hi there I hope your week is off to a great start! I have some exciting events plan. Plus Members get exclusive access to live cam and chat . I've been having so much fun skying with you lately, it really is fun to get to know you better! (finish reading my dirty diary-click here)



10-19-16: Hey baby! I've been so busy lately dealing with stupid drama! OMG it's definitely time for some ME time. Getting my hair done on Saturday, can't wait!

wow it's been just one of those days for me. omg, everything that could go wrong did. I am relaxing now, listening to music. I have a little cold too, so i'm drinking thera flu. I put up a picture set today:

Naughty 3some Pics with Jay and Amber:

I just love having 3somes with naughty couples. It is such an incredible and erotic experience. Jay and Amber are so much fun! I hope you like viewing and exploring my naughty sexual experiences. I don't have to say to much, a picture tells a story in itself. I was a little nervous about this at first, but then quickly got turned on! I shaved my pussy that day too, it was funny because I was in the bathroom with Amber & we were talking about how to properly shave your pussy....haha Like there is some special way to do it I guess...I didn't edit these as usual, and I left all of them in, even the ones that aren't you know like perfect, I really wanted to give you a feeling of the situation and how real it was. Also, I am redoing these because the ones that are like longer vertically aren't the full size as the first ones like I intended them all to be! Damn computer! I will fix and reload them later. Anyways, enjoy. kissses Desirae

10-14-16: Added a HOT new LONG video to the members area today!

Live w Anal Toys, Anal Beads, Vibrators & Blowjob with cum shot in the face!

Update: I am a super nympho, I can't get enough! you will thoroughly see that in this long video. I get out a bunch of my naughty anal toys and dildos and just go to town. My favorite are the blue plastic anal beads though. I cum so fucking hard! Then I gave him a naughty blowjob and he shot his hot sticky load in my face. MMMM MMMM...I was still so horny and kept playing, cumming over and over again. I hope you enjoy the video baby! xxx Desirae

Enjoy the Movie, chat with ya soon! xxx Desirae

10-10-16: Well hello there!

I am setting up my live cam schedule right now- you can click here for a free preview of my live cam & to view my schedule. I am adding a naughty new video tonight! It is all about this younger guy named Dave that I met. He agreed to be on cam as long as his face didn't show. I just loved getting all dolled up for him. I wore purple and pink lingerie with lace top fighnet stockings and silver high heels. I got down on my knees and dove right into that yummy new young cock! mmm mmm good. I will post a preview of this video here as soon as I get it all loaded up. You are going to love watching this nasty dirty talk session for sure!

Below is a little video journal I did on the 28th, it is a clip from my members show & of course in the members area it is in full size. Again, this is just a small sample of what's waiting inside for you! I hope you enjoy your day today sweetie~! Hope to chat with you soon!




09-27-16: Hey sweetie! I will be on my live cam at 1pm today EST. Also, I addded a new Video this morning.

Well...I would consider myself one of the best wives around. I mean I have a HUGE sexual appetite & a VERY open mind. I love pleasing my partner. I was going through my tapes and ran across a video I filmed of my ex with a sexy young teen named Kacey. I asked her to wear a cute little school girl outfit with white thigh high stockings and black high heel shoes. She was super horny and willing, this is one very like minded girl. I had great chemistry with her as well...(Story Continued in Members area!)

9-24-16: Well, I just added a NEVER BEFORE SEEN video of me with Jarron the virgin. It is a hot Blowjob Creampie video I think you will really enjoy! Here is the info and link to the video:

I have a HUGE thing for virgins, I love breaking them in & being the first pussy they've ever fucked. I found this younger guy Jarrod online- we chatting for a while, skyped. texted & spoke on the phone. Then we arranged to meet up. He was eager for me to show him the ropes and agreed to be filmed as long as his face didn't show. The most important part did show however, lol. I sucked on that virgin dick, slow...slowly building him up & teasing him. Making sure he didn't cum too quickly. Then I got on all fours on the bed and he entered me for the first time. His hard cock felt so good in my little pussy. I was enjoying every inch of him. Then he just needed to cum, so I got on my back and spread my legs all the way open and let him fuck me as fast as he wanted. He came inside of me and gave me a wet juicy creampie. MMMMM....can't wait to fuck him again! xxx Desirae

Also, Here are some pictures from my last live show:

9-23-16: Yay, it is Friday! I have a super HOT date tonight with a guy i've been chatting with online named Paul. We are going to this sorta fancy place/restaurant- then going to go to a naughty swingers club in Miami. It is a voyeur trip, I just want to enjoy all of the naughty activities while watching his cock get hard, then I want to go back to our hotel room & take care of him. I want to talk nasty to him about all of the naughty sexy things we watched. I want him to tell me what his thoughts were, I get off on that- like really pure sexual honesty. It makes for the most intense and erotic orgasms EVER! Below is a little "Hello" video I made for my vidoe journal area in my members area. This is just a small sample, the full size version is for Members Only. I am loading a new video right now. It is called "Taking Jarrod's Virginity". I think you are going to really enjoy it. I will put up a sample shortly. Just want to get it all ready for the Members area first. Hope you are having a great Friday so far sweetie! Thanks for your email, I will get back to you shortly. I am pretty much done unpacking and stuff, just doing some painting now. I love to have color on the walls, can't stand just boring white everywhere I look.

I guess you could say I am nesting in a way- just getting my sexy pad set up for romance ;)

Well, have a nice weekend- I will chat with you soon. Be sure to join today so we can skype sometime.

xxx Desirae

9-18-16: Hey there sexy!

I hope you are having a relaxing Sunday. I woke up at 4 am for some reason & started painting. Looking forward to seeing the pool guy again - cute as hell! I will have to see if he wants to be on cam with me sometime, ;)~ xxx I've been going a million miles a minute lately, so last night was totally hilarious because I basically passed out. I made myself a turkey sandwhich and was istting on the couch & the next thing I knew I was OUT! My friend was over visiting, and she was laughting her ass off about it. I never do that, it's just due to trying to do too many things at once. Plus, I've been going out on a few dates lately as well. It keeps my sexual appetite at bay, lol. Plus sex is a great stress reliever. I also set up my live cam schedule for this week:

Here is what I think of anybody that tries to cause drama in my life at the moment:

I am going to go finish painting - then take a hot shower, I will take some sexy pics while I am in there ;)

I have an early morning Skype chat with Chris tomorrow. I am super excited.




movies update my live cam shows

9-14-16: Hey baby! Just wanted to stop in here and let you know about my live schedule for this week. Just click here to view my schedule. These are members only shows :) I will have my skype on all day on Friday- my skype name is: dirtydesirae. You can request that I add you & I will accept. For my live shows, I have a great big toy bag that I like to grab naughty things out of. Come check out what I play with next....I know I'll be cumming lol. You may want to turn down your speakers, I am a screamer & I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DIRTY TALK! Also, if you would like for us to have a free private chat or get to me better. Email me at MEMBERS ONLY - PERSONAL EMAIL ,

I love getting pics from you, I never share them with anybody- they are purely for my own enjoyment. You have my word on that- I am very discreet. If you want to be in one of my videos with me, I will do need to get to know you better, so please feel free to write to me anytime. If I don't get right back to you, it's not that I don't want to - or I have forgotten about you. I don't get all that much personal members email to begin with, but lately I've been unpacking and painting and all sorts of sexy stuff, lol.....I will send you back naughty pics if you like that as well. I also have a snap chat where you can follow me & view my story/chat with me at different times. My snapchat id is (MEMBERS ONLY). I love posting silly pics and little vids throughout the day on there. I also love viewing your stories too. Seems like people have a lot going on in their lives when I read their stories. I mean they are all over the place- sometimes I die from laughter at some of the ones I see. I got this picture via snapchat, of this guy & you could see his gf in the background and the comment said, "She just farted" lmao!

I am also going to post in my forum today about a naughty rendevous I had the other night with one of my lovers. It's a very juicy descriptive explanation you should thoroughly enjoy. Below are some pictures from my last live show- hope you can make it to the next one today at 5pm EST. I will have my skype open on Thursday and Friday pretty much all day starting at 1pm EST. My skype is: (MEMBERS ONLY). chats and play sessions are free with membership. - just got to find you some time to spend with me baby.

Kisses to you & have a wonderful day today!


CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY LIVE CAM & SCHEDULE FOR THIS WEEK BABY! I hvae been so extremely HORNY lately, please cum and get off hard with me, I love knowing that you are watching & that I have someone to talk to. kisses ~Desirae

09-7-16: Well it's been one hell of a month for me! I am going through a lot of drama right now & had to move to a new house. It's been crazy, a total roller coaster, but I am feeling great now & am pretty much all settled in. I have some new videos & pictures to post as well! :) I also introduced a new cam system where you can broadcast yourself to me if you want to. It isn't mandatory or anything, but it's kinda fun to be able to see you. I do private skype sessions as well, sometimes I just like to get to know a guy a little via skype before we meet. To view the new live cam page and to see my schedule for this week- CLICK HERE! .

I am seeking new lovers, I have some of my favorites already....but am always looking for new ones. Don't hesitate to contact me via my personal email @ (Members only- sorry). Also, if you are feeling up to it, send a picture! I love getting them, especially the lovely cock pics. mmmmm...so much food for thought there. I don't get a TON of email like that, so don't feel that I will not respond. It may take me a day or even a few days, but am planning on responding within 24 hrs- so don't think I have ever forgotten about you. I've just been going through a lot of life drama lately. I am super HORNY! I have a lot of new toys to play with on cam. I will try to send out an email letting you know what my schedule is like.

I still live in Florida- I love it here. The humidity is so nice & the showers that happen pretty much every single day are so beautiful. I love it when it rains when it's hot out. I skyped with a 20 year old name Derek last night. It was so fucking HOT! I started out by wearing a black business suit and glasses. Then I slowly stripped down, exposing my black sheer lingerie, garters, and back seamed stockings. I got out my giant fleshy cock toy & sucked it for him on cam. LIcking up and down the shaft, pretending he was with me while I watched him stroke his hard cock. I was dripping wet and had to have that thick cock inside of my eager horny pussy. I stripped down to just my garters heels and stockings, and put my legs high into the air and fucked myself while he did the same. I loved hearing his moans, and seeing his reaction to me cumming.

I think I am going to invite him over to make a movie soon, he is eager to play in person & so am I.

Below are some pics of me at my new place, unpacking boxes and just selfies in general. Please be sure to check out my new live cam page. I will be on tonight @ 9:30 PM EST. Don't be shy! Come and play!

LOTS MORE NAUGHTY PICTURES TO CUM BABY! If you would like to request an outfit for me to wear, email me here- (members only-join today!)

Kisses all over your face & body!!! ~Desirae (Des is my nickname btw)

8-15-16: Well, I have invited my sexy new lover to go out on a date tomorrow afternoon. I am hoping for a sexy quickie back at his place after lunch. I’ve been super busy lately, there’s been a lot of drama in my life,..(Continued in Members Area-Join Now)

kisses baby!



8-6-16: Hey sweetie! I hope you are having a great weekend so far. I just got back from a trip with one of my lovers. We went down to Jamaica & The Grand Caymans. While I was in Jamaica we took a dirt buggy ride through the jungle. It was so fucking crazy! I am so grateful to be so lucky to be taken on a trip like this. We had lots of naughty sex in our cabin, and even on the balcony! Mmmm.....I am going to miss that tub with the jets. ;) We took baths together and just went crazy on each other. I posted all about it with full size pics and more detail in my blog. (Members area). I thought I would post a few pics here. I will be posting my live cam schedule for next week tonight. Hope you can come visit with me!

Here are a few snapshots:

come on inside and view all the full size pics & the naughty stories baby! - Click Here to Join Now!




7/1/16: Well it is almost the 4th of July!!! Yay! I am off to buy some fireworks. We usually buy the biggger boxes which shoot off like 45 fireworks, we are having a HOT couple over as well...so I am super excited for that. I just put my garmin vivosmart wrist device back on today, I really really love it. It comes in handy when I am at the gym because it will show if I am getting a text without having to stop my workout and check my phone. I've been doing a lot of yoga early in the morning. I find it so relaxing, and I love being super flexible ;) It also tones my ass! All around it just makes me happy and I am ready for the day and whatever it may bring or I create. I am focusing on an exciting new mind set, going to develop a new idea that will be a source of enjoyment as well as profitable. I can chat with you sometime if you are interested, lol. Most of the time in chat I listen to music, put on something sexy & flirt-tease-and tantalize you. It is okay if your hand is occupied while you are watching me, I can do all of the work ;) I set up my live cam schedule for today and next week, click here to view my calendar of live events. Below are some snapshots from last nights cam show. I did land me another virgin babe, a guy who is only 20 years old. He was so nervous for the whole thing, and it wasn't like I could give him alcohol, lol...I found that pretty funny. Anyways, I invited him over this past Tuesday. I started off with just giving him a little lap dance, and WOW he got hard quick. I didn't get too intense on the dance though, I wanted him to be able to last longer than 2 minutes when he entered me, or when I wrapped my mouth around his big hard cock. He tasted so sweet, and gave me a little pre cum, when I got him worked up - I would back off a little and just lightly stroke and massage his cock and balls.....You'll see the whole video soon enough, I live in Florida & there is something wrong with my power lately, it keeps going out due to all of the rain storms and wind. So I am attempting to finish it up and have it loaded on Monday for you to enjoy. I hope you have a wonderful Friday and that your weekend brings you many fun and exciting, as well as relaxing moments.

Click Here to Join My VIP Members club- to gain access to ALL of my naughty videos and pictures dating back to 2001!

06-29-16: Hi baby! Well, I had to buy some new dresses and I thought I would take you along into the dressing room. There are also a few of me in my bathroom at the end. ;) Let me know which dress you think I should get! kisses Desirae

I am working on loading my new video with the virgin I mentioned earlier. I am also going to be live in the members area today at 4:00 pm EST. Hope you can come in and chat with me. I was suprised how long the virgin lasted, maybe he had been whacking off for hours before hand, lol. I don't think he wanted to disappoint me. Anyways, hope you are having a great week so far. Chat with ya soon!



06-25-16: Hey sweetie! I am working on adding a new video, it will be up shortly. It is of me seducing a virgin ;) I just love seducing that young new cock! mmm mmm good for mama! You can check out my live cam schedule for next week by clicking here. Also, if you would like to follow me on snapchat my username is desirae_spencer. I did a little wake up and have a good morning video for you just now. I will put it up in a second here.

06-23-16: Hi sweetie! I am going to be live tonight at 5pm EST! I hope you can come visit with me! I want to strip down and get naughty with you!

kisses Desirae


06-21-16: I am so happy that you joined me yesterday for my live cam show at 4:00pm EST. Below is a listing of the times I will be live this week:

I hope you can come and visit with me during one of my live shows!



06/18/16: Hey guys! I went to this hotel by the beach with my lover recently. We had so much fun ordering room service and fucking all night. I will be setting up my live cam schedule today. I hope to catch up with you soon! I've been super busy lately. Lots of hot dates and lots of new lingerie outfits. I have a bunch of pics to share with you, as well as a new video I will be posting this week. Here are some shots from my sexy time with my lover:


Hope to chat with you soon! Have a greate weekend! Kisses Desirae



05-10-16: hey sweetie! Hope you are having a nice week so far. I wanted to let you know that I will be on cam atleast once per day this week. Here is my schedule:

I love to wear sexy little outfits for you and get naughty. Also, I am meeting with a new guy on Wednesday to film a new video. Hubby has agreed to film everything, so I am VERY excited. I am running around trying to figure out what I am going to wear. If you have any suggestions, shoot me an email: (Members only email). I would love to hear from you!

Chat with ya soon!




04/20/16: Hi guys! I wlll be updating my live cam schedule today. I will be on cam all next week, so I hope to catch you sometime soon. I updated my site with a new video:

New Pics!


How yummy is it to be getting ready for a hot date with a new lover & have my ex so jealous!!? I put on some silky stockings & black lingerie for him, then met him at...(Story Cont. Click Here)



The names have been changed to protect the innocent...I have been corresponding with this member for years now. He is married. However, we did have an incredible suck and fuck session in my bed the other night. I just loved that his cock was so much bigger and thicker and my ex-husbands'...Desirae....(Story Cont. Click Here)

I also received a few dresses from my wishlist, would love to know who sent them to me.




03-26-16: Jamming out at my computer with some 00's R & B. Lovin it. Hubby is working on the car, I am day dreaming about next week and the two new lovers I have dates with. I scheduled a bunch of livecam times this week. Click here to view my live cam& times.

Today was super fun. i just turned on my camera and chatted. I put on a tight little black dress with a zipper down the front & some shiny black tall heels. I love chatting & I also love getting your snaps. I still don't know everything about snapchat, hahaha.....got kicked off of facebook today for a bikini picture (fucking haters). It is so fucking lame! So, I just ordered some food. I love getting personal email from you, so don't be shy......(members only. My snap chat is (members- only)

Here are some pictures from yesterday's chat sessions.




02-23-16: Hey there sexy! Well....the craziest thing happened last night. It isn't a sexual thing, it was just intense. Our car caught on fire, somebody stopped to help us & all we could do was try to dampen out the flames, smother them basically. So both my husband and the other guy took off their shirts and threw them onto the flames. Then I grabbed this mexican blanket that was on the front seat and that did the trick. It was so crazy, just wish we would've had a fire extinguisher with us. Good thing the whole car didn't explode. I am about to head off to the gym. I feel so much better when I work out early, starts my day off right. I just added a new video to the site.

I was absolutely horny as fuck & decided to do a live show with toys and my ball gag. I sucked on that big black cock & put anal beads deep in my ass, then drove that hard shaft deep into my eager wet pussy until I came. I was still hungry for more, so hubby put on my ball gag and took out a riding whip and fucked me so good and hard. He spanked me with the whip while driving his hard cock into my pussy kisses Desirae....(Story Cont. Click Here)


02-20-16: I added a new video and picture set to the site today. I've been super busy, I am about to head to the gym. I hope you enjoy the videos and pics! kisses


This is an hour long show I did & decided to record it for your viewing pleasure. There is some chatting, some toys, pussy shots, and anal play. kisses Desirae....(Story Cont. Click Here)

I was getting ready for a hot date with a much younger man today, so I wore this sexy little stripper bikini underneath my short black skirt for him. I let him slide his hands all over my smooth ass and pussy...(Story Cont. Click Here)


2-14-16: Happy Valentines Day Baby! I hope your day is full of sweet and sexy things today. I made a little collage of some pictures that are in my members area:

There are over 50 pictures in all to view, and they are in a slide show format. You can stop - rewind- etc plus they are full size. I am also adding a naughty live show video I did today. Just taking a little bit because it is a bigger file. ;) kisses to you sweetie on this special day!

Hope to chat with you soon!

xxx Desirae


2-3-16: Can't believe January is already over! I just added a new video to the website today. You should check it out!

Story: I decided to do another Sybian video. I got out all of the different attachments & just went to town. I really love the dp toy- I also use the largest toy I have ever used on cam in this one. I broke down the video into two parts since it was an hour long show. I hope you enjoy watching me get off, thinking that I am getting fucked nice n deep by your hard cock! kisses ~Desirae xxx Desirae......(Story Cont. Click Here)

You can click on the image above to view the free preview.

I am working on end of the year accounting stuff today, I have been for last few days. Got my hair done yesterday, it turned out really good. I will post some selfies....I also need to schedule some live chats here. I am thinkig of doing one today at 12:30 pm EST. Click here to go to the page where I chat for free, otherwise I will only be in the members area. I do love getting email from you! So, don't be shy about writing to me. If I don't resond right away, don't worry I will always respond.

xxx Desirae

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1-21-16: Well, as of today all of the juicy dirty diary entries will be reserved for members only. I will be live today chatting at 12:30 pm EST.

Hey baby! My mind has been racing around naughty thoughts all day long. I have decided to make this my official place to post ALL of my naughty videos and pictures etc. etc. etc. I get honestly overwhelmed with a million social fucking networks (and yes I've heard of hootsuite, thank you very little). It feels like a sell out to be constantly conusmed by social fucking networks every second of the day, I want you to come here to see what's up with me. Now who is coming with me? who is coming with me? It is hard to sit still rn, I am full of fucking energy and creative flow....(Continue reading my dirty diary- click here)

I sold some of my thong panties today: ( Click here if you want some as well. ps...I am sending the photo printed out below with personalized autographed photo with them & I seal them up in a way that when you open it, you will have all the sweet smells of my pussy) :) I am sending them out to William. Thank you sweetie, I love ya! I have all types and all colors, you just let me know baby. xxx Desirae

This is the picture I printed out and signed for him. I hope he likes it. It goes out in the mail tomorrow. I am also going to sell my Sybian on the store. I ordered it a long time ago, but don't really use it. I have all of the attachments that come with it. One of which is so big and thick, I just don't know who could fit that in their hole(s). for real.

Well, I am going to go eat dinner. I will be back in the morning to keep blogging.




1-18-16: Well I have failed to put up my updates for a few reasons. First, I am just now getting rid of my family/guests....also, for the past two days the power has been out due to tornado style winds. It took down on of our trees in our front yard. It is quite the mess right now, lol. Ah well...Anyways, I am back! I put up a sample platter video for you, which basically means it is a bunch of different things,

This video starts off with a naughty hand job, then turns into a sexy footjob. After that I get horny and warm up my pussy and ass with anal beads. After cumming hard I let him fuck my tight little ass nice n deep. Mmmm mmmm love that anal sex! xxx Desirae

Other than just getting my life back now, I've been sneaking off now and then to visit a few of my lovers. It's been tough to get away - I had to make up stories about doing shopping etc. lol. Anyways, I also have been doing some accounting work lately. busy busy girl here, but the most important thing to me is this website. So, if you have a specific outfit you would love for me to wear or if you'd like to chat, send me an email to desiraepersonal@aol.com. You would think I would be swamped with mail, however- not too many sexy guys write to me. So, needless to say when I do get a letter I absolutely LOVE it! I will respond to you personally. I don't have someone elese answering my emails, running my twitter, facebook or anything like that. It is ALL me baby. Hope you are having a nice day today. I will take some cute selfies in a little bit and post them here. Hope to chat with ya soon!

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12-14-15: I put up my xmas tree yesterday. It looks super pretty. I will have to take some selfies or stills next to it. :) I am just happy to be done with shopping. arrggghhhh. Decided to put on my holiday lingerie/santas helper outfit on and take some pictures.



12-12-15: Hey there, I am working on adding a new video to the members area right now. It should be up later today. I did upload a classic video a few days ago:

So Many Toys....So Little Time!
In this naughty video I play with a bunch of my sex toys. I use vibrating nipple clamps, anal toys, and dildos to reach a bunch of huge orgasms. This is a long video, so you can just hit play and sit back relax....it is over 20 minutes long baby. Hope you enjoy watching me get off, I love pretending you are there with me & that we are getting off together.


Here is my latest video update:

we went to a naughty adult arcade type place. We watched a whole bunch of dirty porn, then all of a sudden a guy stuck his cock through a hole in the wall. I was really horny ad really wanted to touch it. I reached out and started to stroke him off. We decided to invite him home that afternoon, pretty naughty huh? Well, he came home with us and I fucked him in all sorts of different ways while hubby watched and filmed us. I came so hard while his hard throbbing cock was pounding my eager wet pussy. Hope you enjoy the video! xxx Desirae



Hope you are having a nice Holiday season so far! kisses ~Desirae


11-28-15: For real I am looking forward to Xmas - being over! lol. Seriously, I am. Chillin at my desk currently, just uploading a new fuck vid and video journal. Listening to Drake, Worst behavior.....here is the story on the video:

Update: I Could Hardly Wait!!

Hubby has been away on business for about a week now. I have been yearning for his cock like crazy! I couldn't wait for him to walk through the door. I decided to dress up like a naughty slut milf secretary for him. I wore a skirt and a sexy blouse, with some ultra sexy black and white lingerie underneath. I also slipped on some very silky stockings and attached them to my garter belt I made sure to wear some of my favorite heels as well. I put on my favorite perfume, did my hair, got all sexed up for him. When he came in I had the camera all set up. I thought I would share this reunion sex with you guys since it is so fucking hot and intense.

Click Here to Join Now & Watch full length video and full size full length video journal.

xxx Desirae


11-18-15: Just added a new video to the members area. I am also adding a naughty picture set of me wearing some kinky lingerie with pasties: Here's the story behind the vid I just put up:

Living Room Suck Fuck and Facial.

Members request video. I was attempting to make the best and most messy facial possible in this video. I got all dressed up in sexy lingerie for him, beige thigh high stockings, high heels and one of my favorite dresses. I stripped down slowly for him and then got down on my knees to suck his cock. He tasted so damn good! He fucked me from behind and hit me so nice n deep. Then I rode him on the couch for a while, cumming all over the place. After that I got down on my knees again to suck the cum from his rock hard cock. I took the big load of cum like a champ, can't wait to do it again.

xxx Desirae

Neil is a huge fan of kinky lingerie, he bought me this outfit from Agent Provateur and I wore it for him under my dress on our date..(Story Cont. Click Here)

I will also post a live cam show time on my calendar today. Tomorrow is Friday yay! I have a sexy date with a younger military guy. Looking forward to it. kisses ~Desirae


11-8-15: I just put up a new video. It is a recorded never before seen live show. I love knowing you are getting off with me! kisses Desirae


11-4-15: Hey guys! I just added a new video and picture set today. Here is the story:

Update: My Sexy Laid Back Date with Carl

I decided to try a different approach to finding new sexy lovers. I joined a very mainstream site, where guys are really looking for long term partners. I thought this angle may not be very successful because many guys would feel weird about being with a married woman while her husband watches. Sometimes I meet guys and just let hubby listen on the phone, but it has been a while since hubby has filmed me with one of my lovers. I was very up front in my ad, I stated that I was married & that I wasn't looking for anything serious....just sex. We can go out to dinner once in a while or something, but it is strictly a short-lived sexual relationship. I have had some really sexy responses, & yes...some pretty trippy ones as well. I will stick with the sexy ones! lol. Anyway's, I spoke with Carl for about two weeks now. He is a 38 yr old accountant. He had an awesome smile, and I have to say that if I wasn't married....I would definitely date him!! yikes, hottie alert!

He came over to our place & I wore some sexy lingerie for him. Hubby was very excited to film us....I had a great time with Carl. I can't wait to suck his nice hard cock again & have him fuck me. He felt so good in my pussy!
xxx Desirae

Here are the pictures of me in this outfit:


10-28-15: I just added an anal sex video upon popular request to the members area. Here is a sample and the story:

I decided to put up a poll to see what type of movie my members would like to see next. It was really fun watching the votes roll in....at the end of the poll, Anal Sex got the most votes. I was happy about this because I love to have anal sex. Although I thoroughly enjoy having anal sex, my ass needs to be warmed up for a little while. He used his fingers to get me ready for his hard cock. He slid one in, then the other....I was playing with my clit just loving it! Having my ass touched like this drives me absolutely crazy...I feel like I am about to cum almost instantly. As he slid his cock slowly into my tight well lubed as,s I just let me entire body relax. I wanted to enjoy every minute of it, feeling every inch of him stretching me open.

I took my time and didn't start talking dirty to him all at once. I wanted him to take his time....to really fuck me good and slow, working up into a nice hard frenzy ass fucking. :) I felt myself about to cum & I had to talk nasty to him. I felt so hot, so turned on, so ready to cum and let him feel my ass convulsing around his hard cock. I started telling him how I want him to pull out of my ass and cum in my face. I wanted him to make me feel like a dirty girl. He got very excited by this & started to really pound me good and deep. I begged for him to fuck my ass harder!

I began to cum & as I did he drove his cock as deeply as he could into my ass and gave me nice hard short pumps. I came so hard that I felt like I was going to pass out. He told me to get ready for his load, he pulled out and I got down onto my knees in eager anticipation for his cum. As he sprayed his enormous thick white load all over my face I felt so very naughty, like such a dirty little girl.

Good Stuff!! :)~ Click on the pic below for a FREE Preview:

Below is my video journal for today:

xxx Desirae


10-22-15: Hi there sweetie! I hope your week is going great so far. Tomorrow is Friday! yay! It feels like it's been such a long fucking week so far, not sure why. I guess i've just been swamped with work stuff. Anyways, i wanted to let you know I added a video and some camgrabs to the site today. Here's the story:

Playtime with My 18 Yr old friend Steve:

I was looking online again for a hot young stud to play with . I found this very sexy 18 yr old guy named Steve. We swapped photos and got all hot and heavy for each other on our web cams. Then I planned to set up a meeting. I invited him over this afternoon for a little naughty bj. You see he told me that his old girlfriend would never go down on him, that he had never really had a proper blow job. He also said that he is totally in milf's! I was up for the challenge and couldn't wait to show him what a slutty older woman would do to his hard young cock. I stripped down for him, showing him my sexy lingerie underneath my dress. I wore some pearls and my glasses today....I was feeling very much like a naughty milf secretary. I got down on my knees and sucked on that young cock until he exploded all over my glasses making such a yummy mess for me to clean up. I licked his cum from my glasses until they were nice and clean....I can't wait for him to come over and fuck me next time. xxx Desirae

Here is a sample pic of me wearing this outfit:

Also - added a couple of live times to my schedule- You can check them out here

for you guys with snapchat- my snapchat is ....psych!!! Only Members from this point on, I just can't keep up and it I love to respond to each one individually. :)

Xxx Desirae


10-19-15: I am just your horny MILF next door that loves to get naughty. Here's the story behind my latest video post:

Naughty Wife Begging To Be Fucked- Virtual Fuck POV

I've been so extremely horny lately....more than you can imagine. I think it has something to do with my new lover. We sometimes take little breaks from swinging & meeting new single men. We have been remodeling our home, so much of our time was taken up with that. All the little details of redoing an entire house is exhausting....So, needless to say I was very eager to get back to my playful sexy lifestyle. I met an younger italian guy at a local bar in my area. We were out for cocktails, and I decided not to wear any panties. I stood at the bar and bent over a bit for him to get a sneak peek. Anyway's, we've been meeting up every weekend now for a while. When I get a new lover like this it heightens my sex drive to an all new level, especially with my husband. In this video I was extremely horny and ready to play. I get off on pleasing men, and love knowing that you are watching me.

Here are some sexy pics to go along with it:

Today has been one crazy fucking day! I am going to go to happy hour tonight with a good friend/lover of mine. I can't wait for him to go down on me! It's been a long couple of days around here! kisses Desirae


10-14-15: I found a tape of me cheering hubby up after a long hard day.

Here is the story: He Had a Bad Day...

My husband was having a terrible day at work. He called me and I could just hear it in his voice. I told him to come home for his lunch break, that I had some things I would like to talk with him about. My whole objective was to get him home so that I could give him a nice blow job to cheer him up. I know that is always an easy fix for a bad day at work.

I decided to get all dolled up for him as well. I had just purchased some designer stockings, they are the really sheer kind with a seam going up the back. I know how much he loves those. I also put on a sexy pink bustier and wore all of this underneath my clothes. I wanted to do a little strip tease for him once he arrived.

When he came through the door, I could tell he was super bummed out. I couldn't wait to give him him a little pick me up. I told him to sit down that I wanted to tell him something. He sat down and that is when I started my little stripping routine. I told him I wanted to suck his cock and make him feel better. I was really anxious to get his pants off and get his hard cock into my mouth.

This was a long blowjob movie =) he really wanted me to go slow and take my time. So, I just took my time, I even gave him a little titty job in between. I love to put my hard pink nipples up against the head of his cock. I rub it back and forth....all around in little circles. Then I slide his cock into my mouth again. When it was time for him to cum, I was so excited to see how big his load was going to be. My husband has HUGE cum loads, and it has been a while since I had sucked his cock for this long.....I figured it was going to be the mother load. Well, I was right! It shot all over my face, some streaming into my eye and most of his going right into my mouth.

Yummy, I just love pleasing a man this way.

xxx Desirae

here is a link to my video journal for today


10-12-15: Hey guys! Hope you are having a good Monday so far. I am feeling really sleep today. I worked all weekend on new content & other aspects of running my websites. I sometimes wear myself out, then at night if I am not distracted by sex the previous day with a new lover, I haven't been sleeping right. It's weird I have these super vivid dreams in color of all sorts of scenarios. Sometimes I even have orgasms in my dream, love those ones. My dogs are being little buttholes, lol....no, they are cute- but sometimes it is like having toddlers around. yikes!! I posted some fun pics on twitter lately, had a little contest going to see if someone could guess what was different about me. I thought that was a lot of fun for some reason. I was feeling nostalgic today from looking at all of my photos. I have so many. I sorta do miss the times when you used to like have them developed and actually put them in a album. Now it is like all online and in the fricken cloud. It is weird sometimes to go on snapchat and peek into peoples world's. It is so fun. :) I try to keep up with mine, but sadly I get behind on it at times. So, if you added me and I didn't accept yet, that's the reason. It is nothing personal. I don't charge for my snapchat either. Well, I am going to go take a nap, I will get naked and get under this super soft blanket that I love....nice n cuddly~ wish you were here to keep me company while hubby is away. ~Kisses Desirae




9-18-15: I just made a little video journal update today. I am going to put up a new poll as well, since anal sex won this round. I am shooting this video next week! yay! I love anal sex, I really do....it's so naughty. I am thinking of cutting my hair short again. hmmm..maybe I will put that up as a poll. Click on the link below to view my video journal. ~kisses Des




9-8-15: Well well....here you are reading my dirty diary! You dirty boy! Mama needs to spank you doesn't she? lol.... Hope you had a nice long weekend! I am updating my live cam schedule today. I've been so busy lately, always working on something it seems. I think I need a mini vacation to some exotic place, lol. I woke up at like 4:30 am for some reason. I was having weird ass dreams. So, I fell back to sleep with my puppies cuddling up against me. When I woke up again, hubby was leading me back into the bedroom. I guess he had some morning wood he wanted me to check out. hehe. I licked his balls and cock, and then he went down on me making me cum so very hard. He wanted me to tell him all about how much I enjoyed that young cock I had. It turns him on when I tell him what a naughty wife i've been. I just adore his cock, it is so tasty and thick. He bent me over the side of the bed and slid his hard shaft into my eager wet pussy. Hitting me oh so deep and hard, he fucked me like there was no tomorrow & then told me to take his cum. I was screaming so loud, I am glad nobody else was in the house, lol. I screamed, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Give me that cum!" Then he shot his hot load deep inside of me. What a great way to wake up in the morning. I love it.

**I added a new video to the members area recently. Here is the skinny on what went down:**

I have always had a super big crush on my son's friend Shawn. He's just so adorable - love his big blue eyes and dimples. I know he liked looking at me, he is always staring. Today they were in the garage working on the car and I decided to ask Shawn for a little help inside. He is in learning to become a plumber, so I figured that would work as a lead in to get his ass in my bedroom. I got him inside and he was extremely nervous and shy, willing....just apprehensive about being caught. He didn't want my son or anybody else to find out....so the names and faces have been changed to protect the innocent, lol. Not so innocent in my opionion. I pulled down his pants after giving him a little lap dance and rubbing my wet pussy all over his silky shorts. :) When I pulled out his cock I was so horny! Such a beautiful young cock for mommy. I titty fucked and teased the head of his cock, gently rubbing his balls...Then I just went crazy on him. I was caught off guard when he came a little bit, I didn't catch every last drop. We are going to have to work on that next time! Hope you enjoy the video. Kisses Desirae

Here is a little preview of the pictures from this video:


8-23-15: Hi guys! Hope you are having a nice relaxing weekend. Well, the votes are in for my next video update. Anal Sex was the #1 pick, #2 De-virginizing an amateur & #3- cuckold style video....I am excited to post the anal sex video for you this week. On Saturday I made a little "Crib Style" video of my home for you. It is a lot longer than the little preview you will see below, I hope you enjoy peeking into my private life. ;) Maybe you can come visit me sometime. I am a little behind on my snap chat, so if I haven't responded to you yet....I will. My handle on snap chat is desirae_spencer. I love getting naughty pictures and videos! It is such a great thrill to me - you have no idea! Woke up super early this am, went to the gym- had a little breakfast, now I am going to write in my naughty forum about what I did on Friday night with Greg. I met him a while back on an online dating site....we've been chatting back and forth for a while now, and finally made meeting up happen. I called hubby and made him listen to us fuck on the phone, it was so naughty. You'll have to check it out - if you like naughty erotic adventures...you are going to love this. Anyways, I am going to go swimming for a little bit and then play around with my plants in the yard. Also going to let my dogs roam around the property-little shitheads. lol. I will also post my live cam schedule for next week tonight. If you'd like a little private show- send me an email and we can set up a time. Live shows are free for members of course, no additional charges at all. Kisses ~Des


08-15-15: Hi and Happy Saturday to ya! Hope you have some sexy plans for the weekend. I updated my blog this morning - put in a naughty erotic experience I had in a foursome. I hope to meet up with some sexy girls for new videos.

here are some pictures from when I was with Logan (cute teen babe I met up with in Tampa)


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11 22 73 84 95 126 147



08-14-15: Hey there, i'm sure looking forward to the weekend.....I bet you are as well! ;) I scheduled some live chat times. Today at 2pm EST, tomorrow at 1pm EST, and Sunday night at 6pm EST. Hope you can join me for a little chat or naughtiness. Today has been a good day, getting a lot of stuff done. I have a date tomorrow night with a guy I met on a dating website. I am super excited. I will tell you all about what happnened in my diary. I also keep a blog- you can view it by clicking here.- or at the top of this page there is a link to it as well. I put a lot of pictures and snapshots in my blog, this is where I like to keep you updated on what's new on the site etc. as well as talk about my dirty sexual experiences. ;)

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11 22 33 64 135 306

Hi guys- it's August 5th, 2015. I wanted to let you know that I just uploaded a new video:

I also uploaded the pictures that go along with this video:


Also, here is a little journal video I did on the 2nd of August.


Kisses and licks ~ Desirae



07-30-15: I had a blast last night! OMG! My date ran overtime so I had to reschedule my Members Only show for tonight at 6pm. I will also be on free cam at 11:30 for a little bit. Come visit!! I met a guy like I said yesterday that I've been chatting with for quite a while online. We finally met up. It took me a little while to drive up there, but he was worth every mile!! We grabbed a late lunch & then went to a hotel. I was so fucking horny, I couldn't wait to get my hands and mouth wrapped around his thick cock! I stripped down for him. Exposing my sexy black lingerie that I was wearing underneath my dress. He wanted to keep my panties, lol...I guess he liked the way that they smelled. ;) We started to kiss and make-out on the bed and pretty quickly we got into 69 position and I came hard in his mouth….then he flipped me over doggy style and fucked me nice n deep. I begged for him to cum inside of my eager pussy….he filled me up and left me feeling breathless. We kissed goodbye got cleaned up and I headed home to hubby still dripping cum….mmmm…good times! (click here for my naughty forum) kisses Desirae

Today I have a visitors chat at 11:30 AM EST by clicking here, I also have a members only show tonight at 6pm EST. I hope you can make it. It is so hot to get off live with you! I am about to hit the gym, that's why I am wearing my workout clothes.

I hope you enjoyed my last video update. I will be adding another one tonight!




07-29-15: Well last night I loaded two new videos and two new picture sets. Then my computer took a dump on me, lol....So, I am finishing up my dirty diary entry today. I actually have a date this afternoon at 2pm. I also have to drive my car, which is sorta tripping me out because it has had a few issues lately. I broke down by the freeway a while back and it scared me. Anyways, I love the car & am determined to overcome my fear of it breaking down. I've had it checked out over and over again, so it should be fine. We'll see. I would hate for my date to have to come rescue me, or worse just miss the date all together. I met him online about 6 months ago. We've been chatting back and forth, he sent me a bunch of sexy pictures, including a cock pic yay! Love those cock pics baby! I will write all about what happened on my date when I wake up tomorrow morning. Tonight I have a live members only show at 5:30pm EST. Hope you can make it, it is always nice to get off with you live - makes it even more intense. I am not sure if hubby is going to be live with me, maybe....we'll see. He may not be home, but I hope he is. I am going to put the links to the updates below:

Strip Tease Video: (just click the picture)

Naughty Members Show featuring "Big Daddy": (just click the picture)

Click Here for the Camgrabs/Pics from the stripper video

Click Here for the Camgrabs/Pics from the Members Live Show

I hope you enjoy your Wednesday and don't forget to come in and say "Hey" during my live show tonight! (This is a Members Only Show)



07-15-15: Hey sweetie! Hope your week is going along great. I have been working out a lot and shooting a bunch of new videos. I made a small video strip tease. You can view it below. (full size is in Members Area)

I also posted some sexy new pictures

Hope to see you inside! Thousands of videos for you to watch baby!

kisses ~Desirae

7-09-15: Well I went and did it, I worked out too hard on my shoulders and ended up hurting my neck. Stupid move, I just felt fine while I was doing the exercise, but it was too much for me. Joey was there training me, he's a guy that I have slept with- I wrote about him in my journal. He was helping me with free weights and that's when it happened I think. It's hard to say, but I have a little machine that sends little electric shocks to your muscles and forces them to relax. I hope it heals quickly, I have a lot of shit to get done. Tomorrow is Friday! Yay! Got a date lined up with a new guy I met online. We are meeting at a beachside restaurant for drinks and I can't wait. I went and bought some sexy new panties and bra for the date. I am going to wear a short dresss with high heel sandals. YAY! HOT DATE FOR ME!!! woot woot!

Click Here for all of my naughty diary entries and videos~! 1,000's of videos inside to watch baby! kissses Desirae

Video of the Day:

red dress

Story: I decided to dress up in a sexy red dress with some cuban heeled seamed stockings for my new lover. I was so excited for him to arrive. I took extra long getting ready. Putting on my make-up & doing my hair etc. I just love getting all dolled up for my new lovers.His cock was hard through his pants and I couldn't wait to taste his pre cum on my tongue. I love the way he tastes, mmmmm all that new hot cum for me. His dick hit me so deep while I rode him on top, I came several times today



07-08-15: I have been flirting online with this younger virgin supposedly named Jordan. He is only 21, but somehow I find it hard to belive that he is a virgin because I've seen pictures, and he is HOT!. I don't see how a girl could pass him up. He said it's because of his religious parents. Hmmm....I guess I will have to meet him and find out for real if he is a virgin. I can tell, I mean a virgin will usually blow right away. I honestly don't care if he is lying because I want him so much. I sent these snapshots to him today, and he said he touched his cock for me. I love getting off new potential lovers this way. I even turned on my cam and played with my ass and pussy for him for a while. I hope you are having a great week so far sweetie! I will chat with ya soon! kisses Desirae


Click Here to read all of my naughty stories in my forum and see my HUGE video and picture collection! kisses Desirae


07-07-15: Today was an awesome day. I had a lunch date with Joey at a local restaurant. We had met online and he is a member of my website. He is a fitness trainer, so I am hitting him up for some workout tips. He said he wanted to show me some different ways to work my ass, so we went back to his place. We barely made it through the door before kissing and pressing up against the wall together. My pussy got so wet from his deep penetrating kisses. I had on a skirt for easy access, he reached down to feel my soaked thong panties. I grabbed his big hard cock through his pants. Then I just got down on my kness and started to lick and suck the head of his cock right there in the living room entry way. I teased that cock, loving the taste of his pre cum. He then lifted me up and carried me into his bedroom. I have to admit, I really liked being carried liek that. He laid me back on the bed and lifted my skirt and started to eat my pussy. Mmmmm......his hot tongue felt so incredible. I was about to cum, so I told him I wanted to fuck. I wanted to ride him on top. He pulled off his shirt, revealing his awesomely toned body and abs. He is after all a trainer, so I wasn't too shocked. (Full story continued in members area- Join Now!)

Click Here for all of my naughty stories and videos:


7-05-15: Well, last nights fireworks were so crazy and awesome. We lit them off in our back yard! I think our neighbors were worried that we were going to light their property on fire. Everything went fine though. On a sexier note. I mentioned earlier that thre was a younger guy coming to our little party. I was so excited - I wore a sexy low cut tank top and tight capris jeans. Christian showed up looking ever so handsome and he smelled delicious. I was like, yummy! I flirted with him pretty heavily, after a few drinks, I invited him to go to my bedroom for a little private time with me. He came with me and the walk to the bedroom was electric. I held his hand and sort of led him down the hallway. When we got into my bedroom, he pushed me against the bed and got between my legs with his jeans on. He started kissing me so intensely, like he had been waiting to do it all night. I was so fucking horny and wet, mmmm....He kissed down my neck and pulled down my top, exposing my titties. He licked and kissed my nipples sending my hips into a bucking frenzy. We could've started a fire with all of that friction. hehe. I pushed him down on the bed and stripped down for him. I was wearing a silky little white thong...(Full story continued in Members Area)

Below is a little video that I made today:

Click Here to view all of my naughty stories and videos!

Here is the featured video of the week!

This is a recorded live show we did. I sucked on his nice thick cock and then put my head off the edge of the bed and let him face fuck me. After that we kissed and he used a big black dildo on me. We finished by fucking and he gave me a nice thick creampie. xxx Desirae

7-4-15: Happy 4th of July to you. I hope you are going to have a blast! I made a little video for you today. I am doing private one - on - one's tomorrow so, shoot me an email and we can set up a time, or you can just view my twitter feed and I will post when I am online doing them. I am hoping to hook up with this HOT younger guy I've had my eye on for quite a while. I think he's into MILF's so that is a bonus for me! Wish me luck ( although I may not really need it hehe)

Click Here to View all of my naughty nasty dirty talking videos baby! kisses Desirae

6-28-15: Hey baby, just got back from a short trip to key west and Cozumel....had a blast!! I will be uploading a new video this week. Hope you are doing well and enjoying your weekend. I am going to post my live cam times as well. I want to do a bunch of private shows too. So look on the home page for showtimes.

Here is a little strip dance video I did for you today:

Click Here for All of My Naughty Videos!


06-11-15: I wanted to show this featured live webcam fuck show for you that I recorded:

Justin came over for my last web cam live sex show. I was really excited to suck on his beautiful thick cock. I couldn't wait to taste his pre cum and have him deep inside of me. We got kinky and ended up in all sorts of different positions. I can't wait for him to cum again during my next live show! xxx Desirae

click Here to view preview of this recorded live show:


06-06-15: Hi there sweets! Well I am still working on two new video updates to load. So, I thought I would feature one of my favorites here for the day:

I got in touch with my old boyfriend from highschool a litte while back. We lost touch after he went in the Navy…anyways, we are back in touch now and I invited him over today for a "date" lol. It was a bit of a shock to him that I had a site, but he said it kind of made sense since when we were in High School I was a horn dog. ;) xxx Desirae

Below is a sample pic from this movie/picture set:

Also, here is a little video journal update:

Click here to view video journal for 06-03-15


6-3-15: Hi there sweetie! I just got some brand new shoes and stockings for my next video update! Oh boy are you in for a treat. Thanks Roy for sending me them, that was very sweet of you and I really appreciate them very much. I don't get random presents all the time that's for sure. I had to go to court today to battle with my ex over some stupid bullshit once again, oh joy. Hopefully that will be done soon. I took a few pictures of the shoes I got from Roy and made a little video that I am going to post here for him.

I also wanted to let you know the featured movie for today is called: The Big Dick Project


05-27-15: Wow it's been a busy month of MAY !! That is putting it mildly. Here are a few snapshots I took today:

naughty at home, desirae spencer bio naughtyathome.com rip
desiraespencer.com rip
Below is a link to HOT Video I made- I found it in my older porn tape box that was in the closet:

Hey sexy guys! I'm adding a new video of me cheating on my ex. It is one of the "Lost Tapes" I found while going through old boxes while moving into my new office. In this video I am complaining that my husband is a crappy handyman and instead of getting the dishwasher fixed was talking about buying a new one. Plus he has been frustrating me sexually lately, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and go to the local hardware/appliance shop and find me a handyman ;) I met this really sexy guy. He has a full sleave of tattoos on one arm, but was super ass sexy and cute. It did cross my mind that maybe he just got out of jail....but after talking with him for a few minutes I realized he was cool as hell. I flirted with him and told him the issue I was having with my washer & he offerred to come over to take a look at it. I found out he was married too, so we were going to have to keep this a secret. When he showed up I had the camera all set up and he was taken back by it at first. He thought there was some sort of plot going on or something. I reassured him that nobody would see his face and that his wife would never find out. He did fix the washer and then I asked him how I could repay him for his services. He said I didn't have to pay, but I just got down on my knees and started to play with his cock through his pants. I took off his belt and threw it on the floor and pulled down his shorts. I licked his cock through his boxers and got him hard. Then I pulled out his nice thick member and began to suck it and go as deep as I could go. I felt like such a naughty little slut, and was wondering if I was going to get caught sucking this guy off in our kitchen. He fucked my face and then came hard for me. I just love getting guys like this that are a little leary, but I seduce them and make them feel comfortable. It is such a HUGE turn on. xxx Desirae

Hey sexy guys! I'm adding a new video of me cheating on my ex. It is one of the "Lost Tapes" I found while going through old boxes while moving into my new office. In this video I am complaining that my husband is a crappy handyman and instead of getting the dishwasher fixed was talking about buying a new one. Plus he has been frustrating me sexually lately, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and go to the local hardware/appliance shop and find me a handyman ;) I met this really sexy guy. He has a full sleave of tattoos on one arm, but was super ass sexy and cute. It did cross my mind that maybe he just got out of jail....but after talking with him for a few minutes I realized he was cool as hell. I flirted with him and told him the issue I was having with my washer & he offerred to come over to take a look at it. I found out he was married too, so we were going to have to keep this a secret. When he showed up I had the camera all set up and he was taken back by it at first. He thought there was some sort of plot going on or something. I reassured him that nobody would see his face and that his wife would never find out. He did fix the washer and then I asked him how I could repay him for his services. He said I didn't have to pay, but I just got down on my knees and started to play with his cock through his pants. I took off his belt and threw it on the floor and pulled down his shorts. I licked his cock through his boxers and got him hard. Then I pulled out his nice thick member and began to suck it and go as deep as I could go. I felt like such a naughty little slut, and was wondering if I was going to get caught sucking this guy off in our kitchen. He fucked my face and then came hard for me. I just love getting guys like this that are a little leary, but I seduce them and make them feel comfortable. It is such a HUGE turn on. xxx Desirae

kisses and licks! xxx Desirae


5-10-15: Happy Mothers Day! Not that too many mothers will be seeing this page, however....for those couples who do visit my website- hope you have a wonderful day today. I received flowers and will probably be going to brunch or dinner or something. I love holidays like this because you get treated like a queen for a day. Actually I get treated that way most of the time anyways, but it is extra special. ;) I just updated the members area with some hot new pictures and a new video update.

I have had a huge crush on my daughters 19 year old boyfriend for a little while now. He was on his way to pick her up, so I asked her to run an errand for me so I could seduce him. He was really shy and quiet, but his cock was hard as a rock. I got down on my knees and played with him for a while, talking nasty - getting him nice n hot. Then I took him in my mouth and sucked the cum right out of him. I told him he could call me mommy if he wanted. ;) kisses Desirae

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04-18-15: Some people have to copy other people constantly to feel like they are doing the right things. I myself don't really like to do this. I find that if you just copy others all of the time, you get lost somehow. You become bland and boring. I definitely am not bored with my life that is for damn sure. I sometimes wish it was more boring. That I could just have somebody else doing everything for me, but then I realize that is a fantasy. If you want something to be done right, you have to do it your self. So, on that note. I am rebuilding www. DesiraeSpencer.com at the moment. You can check it out now, but I am completely redesigning the thing from scratch. It is quite a task, tons of new things to learn. The other day it was like an awakening for me, I was overloading but yet excited and thrilled at the same time. Needless to say, I am steady working on the site. My ex husband pretty much robbed me of most everything. Congratulations Eric, you've won yourself somebody elses money. Now you can worry yourself into a corner like you always do. Some people are never happy or satisfied with anything & will invent shit to worry about. That is my ex for sure. I am somewhat bitter about the whole ordeal, but in the end- I have peace of mind and the rights to all of my own content. I built him atleast 15 sites, all of which he kept. I had a shitty ass attorney, and was hassled into some bs deal during mediation. I know my attorney got paid off or something, it was crazy. I was so stressed out and didn't know which way was up for a while. I did get remarried and am living happier now. I feel more authentic, like I am really myself these days vs. a ficticious character my ex wanted me to be. I think my ex had secrets in his closet that he didn't want me to find, but I did. He would go on these dating sites, and pretend to be me a lot. One morning I woke up and was curious about this fact. So, I went on my computer and logged in to check what was going on. About four guys said, "Remember me, we did a cam last night- you watched me on cam, but I couldn't see you...." Now, imagine for a second you find this....how would you feel? Betrayed? or just plain disappointed. I was both, and I will add a touch of nausea to it as well. His excuse was, "I love watching you with other guys so much, that sometimes I put up a naked picture of a guy next to yours and I masturbate. I was like, "What the fuck are you even talking about?" It really caught me off guard. I wish people could keep less secrets, and just be real with who they really are. I dont' understand why people have to hide in the closet and lie to everybody about their sexuality.

I know I am probably 100% bisexual or somehwere in between straight and bisexual. I love men, I also love the touch of a woman sometimes. I have never lied about this to anyone. It's always been out there and I never deny it. I don't like feeling as though I am living a lie. My current husband allows me to date other men & women, which I find to be a very great bonus. I in return allow him to do the same.

He has been in a few threesomes with me on camera. We have done many more than that in our day to day life beyond my adult website. I get off on watching him with younger women for some reason. It is just a turn on to me. I love being with all sorts of different men, younger to older. It all depends on the situation and the personality of the man I am with that determines how turned on I am. I am turned on by a million different things, most of all- mentally. If someone can turn you on mentally, then the physical part comes quickly; atleast it does for me.

If you are going to copy someone, don't jump the shark for my sake. You know who you are. Jumping the shark just means crossing lines and boundaries you never wanted to cross until it came down to your pocket book. I am not going to name names, but just remember who you are. You are better than that. You deserve to be happy, we all do. Especially when it comes to our sexuality and expressing our true feelings. If your husband just shares you for money, then I am sorry to announce....you are a prostitute. If he shares you purely out of the joy of it, then he is a cuckold. If he shares you with other guys due to his own desires to be with another man, then you are doomed until you can find your way out of that situation.

I used to just blab a little bit in my diary. Talk about the weather or my day in general, and then I realized how boring it all sounded. Bla Bla bla....went to gym...bla bla....ate some dinner....cleaned some shit....it get's monotonous and old quickly. I am full of so many thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Seems a shame to waste them & end up talking about the great lasagna I made & how I played with my dogs every single fucking day. My life right now is crazy, I am talking outter limits crazy. I do things people only talk about.

I sincerely wish the best to the girls I have been with. Each of them was great. Some are biters and just led around by money all the time. Selling their bodies for a quick buck. Deep down they resent it & wish they could capitalize on it somehow. I am grateful I don't just fuck for money. That may sound crazy to you considering you are on a porn site right now, but it goes a lot deeper than just a "porn" site. I have sexual experiences that are wild and crazy. Sometimes I share then on the website, and sometimes they are just for us in private. I usually write in my forum about those experiences in which my lovers didn't want to be on camera.

I guess I really am a true life nympho. I can't ever seem to get enough sex. Sound familiar? lol. For real though, I love sex....I love LOVE! I love bringing someone deep pleasure and satisfaction whether it's instantaneous or drawn out over the course of the whole evening. I am on a dating site right now, it is so exhilerating meeting new people. I have gotten over the initial shock of meeting strangers at random locations. Partly because I get to know them a bit before we hook up physically. I chat to them, email, skype...text....then we set up a time and place and just go for it.

I've had a lot of strange experiences due to my dating life. Some incredible & others confuse me. I am open to all things, I even fantasize about my hubby being with another man. Now, we haven't done this together, but I still have the fantasy. I get a lot of guys writing to me, asking me to peg them. I may integrate that into my new website. I just want it done the right way, and not some gross ram me in the ass video in which the guy feels uncomfortable. I love to wear a strap-on. I do it frequently with my female lovers....I've been trying to talk hubby into it, lol...he is currenlty opposed to the idea, but is considering a discussion about me doing it to other men on camera.

For you biters out there, I would wager that you will attempt and probably succeed at doing this before I get around to it. haha. Good luck and just know that you deserve to be happy. Again, this is pointed at you- you know who you are. lol......just get some good lube...lol. I am done with looking at other people's sites and thinking, hmmmm.....I could do that, but I don't want to. I am just going to do whatever the fuck I feel like doing no matter what anyone thinks.

I dislike judgemental people that try to flaunt their lives and happiness in your face in order to feel that void in their heart. We all have a void in our hearts, we are human. lol. There seems to always be something more we want to fill - but not certain what it is. Some people fill it by cheating on their spouse, others keep it quiet and just run around flaunting their material posessions and family life in your face. Meanwhile in their fucking closet, they are hiding tons of secrets from their spouse. Which just plain pisses me the fuck off. If you cheat and don't get caught well that's great. Just remember, that other person is capable of doing the same exact thing that you are doing to them, and they might just be on the verge of doing it. Below is what I intented to write in my journal today lmao:

Yesterday, I woke up super early....went for a run. Then I called one of my good friends/lover & we went out to dinner and cocktails.....

For real, I am going out with another man tonight that is NOT my husband. He knows about it. My ex would make me put the phone down and record my sex with others so he could masturbate. One time, I got so into it that I just hung up the phone.

Needless to say, I don't miss my ex husband in the least. He was controlling and a huge liar.

I am much happier now, and plan on sharing many many thoughts and sexual encounters with you here on this website, as well as on www.DesiraeSpencer.com.

Kisses to ya baby!

Have a great day today, and be good to yourself. You deserve it.

Desirae Spencer



As you are well aware, I LOVE TO MASTURBATE!! I found a bunch of my older classics and decided to put together a compilation for you. I think there are 3 scenes, but it is a pretty long video, almost 25 minutes of jam packed finger bangin, pussy stuffin, dirty talk, & orgasms. This video should be very pleasurable for you to watch if you'd like to just sit back and get off with me nice n slow. The scenes end with me just fingering my pussy with my hands and having a nice hard orgasm. Wish I could be there to lick the cum from your hard cock baby. Kisses Desirae



03-25-15: Hey sexy! Hope you are having a great week so far. It is hump day! yay! I added a new strip tease video I think you will enjoy. I also added some snapshots which you can view by clicking here. To watch my latest video journal strip tease in full click the image below:

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Kisses & I will chat with you soon! I am scheduling a live cam chat show for Friday at 5:30 pm EST..... kisses Desirae


03-10-15: Well, I missed my show last night. I had something come up that I couldn't turn down. Sooooo I have rescheduled it for tonight at 6pm EST. Hope you can make it. I did a video journal for you today.

Click Here For My FULL LENGTH Video Journal

Here are some snapshots for ya!

kisses Desirae


3-09-15: Hey there sweetie! Hope you had a nice weekend. I know it sucks that it ends so quickly, I HATE that! I want it to be another Sunday!!! Damn it! Oh well, on with life....I met this super young guy about a week ago- he said he does odd jobs etc....I told him I have a few things around my house that need to get done. I have these planters in front of my windows that I need positioned, (I could probably do it myself, lol) anyways, I asked him to come by this afternoon. I am going to seduce him for sure! He is so fucking hot, I am wet just talking about it. I just love seducing these young guys, it is so damn satisfying in so many ways. I am taking a few snapshots here of my little outfit, or lack there of. hehe...I will let you know how it goes- I am going to set up the camera and just go for it, I doubt he will have any trouble with it. Ps. I have a live show tonight at 6pm EST. Cum chat with me!! Click Here to Join Now xxx Desirae


3-05-15: Hi guys, hope you are having a great week so far. I am glad that tomorrow is Friday! YAY!! I enjoyed getting your letter Luke. I really love the picture you sent as well. I love getting to know you better. I am heading out to a friends/lover's house today to help him decorate his new house. For some reason he has chosen me to help him out, lol...I do love to decorate things, but I am certain we will end up naked instead. Everytime we try to accomplish something, even as small as going out to dinner, he ends up fingering me under the table- and we have even fucked in the restroom at a restaurant before. The passion is certainly there that's for sure. I wore a special little outfit for him. Here is what I wore: (Pictures are also much larger inside- this is just a free preview area) Join Now For All of my naughty dirty diary entries and video journals....You are going to LOVE my website!. I am doing a live show on Monday the 9th at 6:00 PM. Hope you can join me! kisses Desirae


2-27-15: Wow, it has been a few days since I have written in my diary. I wanted to let you know that I added a new video that I hope you will enjoy. Basically it was about me catching my sons friend watching porn in our living room while I was out and about. Soooo.....I had to teach that naughty young man a lesson....I think you will really get off on this, like I did. I love seducing younger guys & just cumming all over their hard cocks. Makes me wet just thinking about it.

Click Here for Video Journal Entry

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I will write some more in my journal here in a bit. It is early on Saturday & I have to go pick somebody up from the airport. It is my Australian lover! OMG! We are going for round 3!!! He said he wants to try some kinky shit this time. Maybe I can talk him into some pegging. lol. kisses Desirae

ps. I found out that my mother in law called me "The Queen of Porn" lmao, well atleast i'm not a peasant or a court jester or some shit. Just sayin.


2-18-15: Hey there sexy pants, what the hell is new in your world? Me? Ah same ol shit different day. Just kidding, I've been busy keeping up with my fitness & a new lover from Nashville. He likes country music, but I don't hold it against him. He makes up for it in cock intensity. Seriously, his cock is so absolutely beautiful, I just want to knit it a hat. (from one of my favorite movies---ugghhhhhh....what was it called...?? Hmmmm.....I can't remember right now, but I know Uma Thurman was in it and her boyfriends name was David, and Meryl Streep was the mom/therapist.) I LOVE movies, I have seen TONS of them, and try to keep up with all of the new ones coming out. I can find something awesome in each of them. OH I just watched John Wick the other night. It was so very cool.

Back to my lover, he is so damn tasty, I can't wait to shoot a video with him. He has a wife back in Nashville, but is down here on business a lot. We spend quite a bit of time together talking about things, but mostly we make love. Yesterday, he had me splayed out on the bed....hair everywhere, legs apart- the fan flowing gently over my body. He kissed me down , kisses from my head to my toes. Then he teased my pussy with the head of his hard cock. mmmmmm gotta love that little tease. I love teaching younger guys new ways of expressing themselves in bed.

I remember my ex was telling me about how he used to fuck a hole in the mattress, lmao! Also, he had configured some bs with a roll of tissue and a toilet paper roll and some lube. I can't really picture that working....my hubby's cock wouldn't have even fit in that thing! lol. Anyways, my ex was the masterbator, the Master of Masturbating. He could find any girl or anything he was looking for to the T. One time I caught him joining a plumper site. Which basically means a fat girls site. Sorry, it is just the truth. I said, wtf? He said, "Oh she got me because she showed lactation....I got suckered in" I was like you are retarded. First of all why would I give a shit if you joined a site, secondly why use our joint credit card. Stupid. lol

Here is a little hello video for ya sexy. Hope your day went well. I spent all day in court, but am finally done with that chapter.



2-16-15: Howdy sexy guy, hope you are having a great day today. Also, really hope you had a decent Valentines day. Hubby bought me some flowers, and I got some from a few of my lovers as well. So, needless to say I was surrounded by roses and teddy bears, and a box of chocolates. I could only eat a few of them though due to my braces. Fucking braces, I hate them with a passion right now. They hurt so much sometimes. I can't wait til April when I get them taken out!!! I hope you enjoyed my latest video update. I know I enjoyed making it for you that is for damn sure! My birthday is coming up next month, can't believe i'm going to hit the big 29!!! lol. Wow, never thought I would make it this far. Life is so weird, well mine is most of the time. Just got out of the shower, gotta take hubby to the dr. for an elbow issue- he might be recovering from surgery for like 4-6 weeks. I am actually looking forward to taking care of him, although knowing him....he'll be up and running around & I will be begging him to just chill and rest. He's the best! I have to go to court tomorrow due to issues with my ex husband, fun huh? I am going to wear something pretty, a blue dress and nude heels, like the ones I wore in my latest picture update. Anyways, I just wanted to pop in and say "Hello SEXY!" I am off to drive up north.

kisses and talk to ya soon!

Desirae ------PS, below is a small sample of my video journal entries. They are full screen inside of the members area. This is just a

little sample I thought you would enjoy.


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2-10-15: Hi guys, I am so glad to be home. I had a lot of appointments and things to take care of today. I am taking a moment here to update my video journal and come in to say "Hello" to ya. Hope your week is starting out ok. I know that tomorrow is HUMP day yay! I will be posting my next update tommorrow or at the latest on Thursday.

kisses Desirae

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2-9-15: Well I am back from my retreat with my girlfriends. It was so awesome, we got to be away from our husbands for a while...which was really sweet! Spent a lot of time in the spa and relaxing, having great conversations. It was the type of retreat where you do a lot of yoga and stuff, you aren't supposed to bring devices like laptops etc....so It made it a bit difficult for me to even tweet, lol. Anyways, I am back and I have a naughty tied up video to share with you.

Hope you enjoy it, I will get it loaded tomorrow or at the latest by Thursday.

Click Here for Video Journal

kisses and chat with you soon! Desirae


2-2-15: Well helllloooo there! Happy Monday! I am uploading a new video journal today. Hope you enjoy it. Also, check out my most recent update below! kisses (ps. I give out my skype in the members area under the contact tab.) Desirae

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1-29-15: Hi there sexy! Well, I just loaded up my latest naughty video. Here is the storyline:

I placed an ad on the personals section of Craigslist recently. I wanted to try giving a random guy a blowjob in a public place. I got quite a few responses, but decided on one guy named Brad. He seemed really cool and I liked his pics. Anyways, my hubby has been away on business quite a bit and I get a craving for cum quite frequently as you know. I called him on the way to the park and we decided where to meet up. It was a somewhat secluded place, but in a public park. I was so excited to see his nice thick cock & I sucked him off for quite a long time. I think you will enjoy the length of the video...he ended up cumming all over my face and in my hair. I licked it up and then played with it a bit...I do love that new strange cum! kisses baby! xxx Desirae

click here for a preview:

Other than that sexy video- I added some new Pictures and Camgrabs too.

I also added a new video diary journal- I did it on the 26th, but am loading it up today for ya! Been quite busy responding to my craigslist ads hehe....xxx Desirae

Click Here For Daily Video Journal


1-24-15: Good mid morning to ya! I just recorded my daily video journal and wanted to get it posted on time.... :)~xxx I will be posting my naughty new video update in the next few days. I am also skyping all day - so ck in with me baby! kisses


Stay tuned! LOTS more dirty experiences & larger more explicit photos inside members area to cum baby! xxx Desirae

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1-24-15: Hi guys, well I skipped a few days here...but made one on Thursday and wanted to post it now. It is from the 22nd. I had a great little live cam chat on Friday. Thanks Benny, Jumper, Bigbadboy...and otthers for coming in to visit with me. I was starving, I had set it for 5:30 and we had ordered pizza lol....so I was like hungry as hell. I still enjoyed chatting with you and showing off, always gets me nice n horny. I am going to be posting my outside bj in the park experience her in the next few days. You are going to trip out, lol. We almost got caught by a bike cop. Luckily I just pulled myself together really quickly and stood by the car. :)~xxx Hope you are going to have an awesome Saturday today. I have a lot of bills and shit like that to do since I was doing naughty things all week. Chat with you soon via skype.

kisses Desirae


Stay tuned! LOTS more dirty experiences & larger more explicit photos inside members area to cum baby! xxx Desirae

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1-20-15: Well, my date yesterday was super HOT! I wore a sexy little outfit to the park to meet a new lover for a POV style blowjob outside. I was super excited, and couldn't wait to get that new cock in my mouth. Also, can't wait to share the video with you! I hope you enjoyed my last video. The next will show the pop for sure, lol. I didn't even have time to show the cum oozing out of my pussy last time lol...that is sometimes the best part. One of my dirty fantasies which has actually come true a few times, is for a man to eat the cum from another man out of my used pink pussy. I just love that, it makes me cum so fucking hard! I made a short video before I went and got ready yesterday. I hope you enjoy, chat with you soon. Remember I have a live show this Friday at 5:30 pm EST. xxx Desirae


Stay tuned! LOTS more dirty experiences & larger more explicit photos inside members area to cum baby! xxx Desirae

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1-19-15: Hey there! Hope you're having a nice Martin Luther King, Jr. Day....I don't know if this is a day you take off, but either way I hope you are having a good one. I just added my daily video journal to the members area. Here are some snapshot from today. I went to my storage units and brought everything home so that I can sell all of my lingerie, toys, sybian etc. on my store. I am super excited about it. I have every single attachment that came with that sybian & only used it on camera a few times. It sorta muffles the sound of anybody riding it, so I prefer toys on camera or the real thing hehe. I have tons of shoes to sell as well, lots of stripper ones & classy ones also. Listening to Lada Gaga station on Pandora right now, I watched Silver Linings Playbook earlier and got all teary eyed, I love that movie! Then Jim Carrey was on in When Nature Calls, lol...I was laughing so hard when he came out of the rhino's ass in front of those tourists, lol Well, I am horny and about to go meet a new guy at the park for a little outdoor fun. We will see what happens. yay! xxx Desirae


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01-18-15: Well, I have settled back in so to speak. I went through some personal drama, had a death in the family. Now I am back home- trying to put my mind in order....good luck! lol just kidding. I am doing ok. I recorded a video of me seducing the stable guy I hired to tend to my horses out back. I am super excited about him, he is well hung, young, and full of cum for me. This video was rudely interrupted by my hubby driving down the driveway, however....I got a pussy filled with cum so I am not complaining one bit. I am meeting a guy in the park in a few days, I want to just suck his cock in a public fashion. We shall see how that goes....it'll probably be POV style since it is close quarters in a car....but we might be able to get out and shoot by the fence or something. lol ...Oh I almost forgot to mention...I got braces. Ughhhh BIG mistake on my part, but it better be worth it! I get them off in April. April 12th to be exact....not that I am counting down or anything. ha ha ....Here are a few snapshots I took today as well as the daily video journal I did. They will be random entries, some more candid than others. I hope your year is starting off well....always good to start again sometimes. You can watch a free preview sample below of my latest video update. kisses Desirae


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01-06-15: Hey guys, I am looking forward to chatting with you this week! Again my handle on skype is in the members area. Here are some pics, I am about to go to a relaxation yoga class. I need to just chill and get stretched out, lol. hehe...Anyways, hope you are having a great week so far. Hope we get a chance to talk this week or over the weekend.

xxx Desirae

01-05-14: Hey guys! Well, Happy Late New Year to ya! I hope it was a good one for you. I am doing ok, going through a little bit of stuff...but everything will work out. I hope to chat with you later this week on my live cam. I also give out my skype info to members only. So let me know if you wanna chat that way as well. Well, I am off...going to go grab something to eat. kisses...xxx Desirae

12-29-14: Hey guys! Well Xmas is over and here comes the new year already!! Where did the year go? It seems like it flew by so quickly. I updated the members area today with a new video. I hope you enjoy it. I was going through a bit of drama, but it is over now and life is getting back to normal. I think the Holidays bring about a certain amount of stress as well for some reason. Same with full moons! Be sure to ck out my latest masturbation video by clicking here .Here are some daily snapshots for ya! xxx Desirae

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12-17-14: OMG it is almost Christmas, I can't believe it. I have been going through so much personal drama lately - that is why I haven't written in my diary in a few days....bla bla bla. Anyways, here is an update for ya.

Sucking & Fucking The Pool Guy

I am very attracted to the guy that maintains my swimming pool. For about three months I have watched him from the window, salivating and driving myself crazy with lust. My windows are tinted so there is no way he can see me watching him. Sometimes he comes close to the window and I flash him my titties....he is literally about 2 feet from me totally exposed and he has no clue what I am up to. I love it! I asked my husband if it would be okay if I made an attempt to get him inside for a little afternoon nookie. I didn't think in a million years he would agree to let me seduce him while he was away on business, but he did!! :)

I got all dressed up, wearing my sexy lavender bra and panty lingerie with sexy white stockings, and a white lace choker. I sprayed myself with my favorite perfume & took my time with my hair and make-up. All the while I was talking to myself in the mirror, "Hey, um....do you have a second??" I practiced how I would ask him if he had a second to come inside. I was going to act as if I had something to show him inside, or maybe ask him if he wanted a glass of water.

I put my sexy denim dress up over my lingerie, concealing myself in a somewhat normal way. I didn't want him to suspect anything when I asked him to come inside. I really wanted to seduce him in a subtle and calm way, not scaring him by opening the door fully nude or something. I wasn't sure if he was going to be willing or not, I know he isn't married, but I wasn't sure if he had a girlfriend. Anyways, I was just going to make an attempt to seduce him & not worry it.

As he opened the gate and came in, I almost completely soaked my panties in anticipation. He was kneeling down cleaning the pool or something & I could see his boxers poking out from the back of his pants. I love boxers!! I watched him for a while, and finally decided to open the slider and ask him if inside. I opened the door and asked, "Hey, do you have a couple of seconds...I need to ask you a question." He said, "Yea, sure.." and he walked over to me as I stood in the doorway.

I asked him to come inside & he did.... :) Once inside I had him follow me into my bedroom. I told him I wanted to get his opinion on something. He was very agreeable and followed me right into the bedroom, I was wondering by this time if he had some clue of what I was up to......lol.

As I stood by the side of my bed, I said, "I just bought this new lingerie & was wondering if you could give me a man's opinion, my husband is away & I love to please him..."

I will let the movie tell the rest of the story, it has a very happy ending :)

xxx Desirae

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