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The Milf and The 19 Yr old Virgin

My good friend Sheila has a teenage son who is a virgin. His name is Mark & he is super sexy to me. Whenever I go over for drinks at her house, I can't help flirting with him. She's a swinger and super open minded, so I decided to just ask her if I could fuck him. She laughed at first, but agreed to everything. :) kisses ~Desirae

Very Naughty Secretary

I've been working for Mr. Peterson for a few months now. I've developed a very inappropriate crush on him over this period of time. I find myself thinking about him when I am at home with my husband. I purposely wear provocative blouses and skirts to work hoping that he would notice me & make an advance of some type. Today right before lunch he came to my desk and asked if I needed for him to sign anything before he left for the day. I was so excited when I saw him standing there, & did have some documents I needed for him to look over and sign. I stood up and handed him the folder, making sure to lean over extra far so that he would be able to see my cleavage. I could feel his eyes on me...I loved it!He asked me how everything was going & I let him know that everything at the office was fantastic...then I felt my heart pounding & I took this as my chance to lead into something naughty. I told him that I wished my home life was as satisfactory as my work environment. I explained that my husband's sex drive was lacking somewhat & that I wasn't getting enough attention in that area. I asked him if he would give me some attention as I slowly opened my blouse, exposing my leopard print bra. I squeezed my tits together & I told him that nobody would find out if we fucked around at the office, my exact words were..."I can be VERY discreet" honestly...I just want to fuck him next time. Maybe his wife will call in the middle of that one as well :)~xxx Desirae





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