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"I Made My Husband Watch Me Fuck"

I really wanted to talk dirty to him while he watched me take a new cock....

naught at home

A while back I had a friend over named Jarrod. He was a virgin and after a lot of chatting back and forth on the internet, I had decided to invite him over to take his virginity. It was so well and was so exciting for me that I just had to find another guy just like Jarrod. I met Rick in a chat room and we immediately hit it off. We talked back and forth for quite some time, but I had no idea he was a virgin as well. When I finally found out I became totally excited and asked him if he would let me take his virginity in front of my husband. Rick is 22 years old, a software engineer....he is somewhat reserved....but since I didn't show his face he was ok with being filmed. He was pretty nervous at first, but after I started sucking his hard cock and began to talk nasty to him, he relaxed quite a bit.

We had to stop a few times, he got a little too excited, but the finally was incredible. I cam all over his cock while I was taking him doggy style....then I flipped over on my back and told him to fuck me hard, that I was craving his cum on my face.

His first on screen facial was a little awkward, it shot across my hair and on my face.....but he was having a little trouble getting into position for the pop shot, lol....It turned out well though, I had a nice load of fresh cum from a new mans cock all over my face at the end. =)xxx Desirae



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