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Hi there, my name is Desirae Spencer! Welcome to my amateur porn website naughtyathome.com. I am a tall blonde long legged MILF aka COUGAR (lol) who loves to make home made naughty videos. I enjoy exploring all aspects of sexual exploration. I film videos including: first and foremost- DIRTY TALK, cuckold, lingerie & stockings, pov blowjobs with cumshots, pov facials, anal sex, all sex toys imaginable, role play, wife sharing, swinger adventures, just to name a few. I consider myself an amateur porn pioneer-a fierce entrepreneur. I've been online since 2001, I am a very creative unique "Goddess" lol. I will share all my dirtiest fantasies with you. Being that I am also an artist & a poet - I bring an authenticity to the online adult porn world as you know it. I am the REAL DEAL, a confident sexy women aka MILF--expressing every side of myself- from sloppy and dirty~to deep and intelligent. I embrace all sides of myself and I love it! In my free area there are lots of videos to watch, I call it "My naughty little sample platter", made home-made by me for you. I have been married, but presently single. Frequently asked questions: Can I date you? Do you meet members, Can we talk on the phone? Do you give advice on how to get into porn industry?- Answers: YES!. I have many amazing experiences connecting~ I am totally open to genuinely connecting with you. We make the rules!! All I ask being that it often makes me feel quite feminine, is that you make the first move. That could be as easy as an email, which may lead to a text, a phone call, a facetime, a meeting or more! I am seeking new lovers, friends, business partners, creative minds, adventure lovers, poets, artists, those who consider themselves "Strange" are my favorite! I hope you take this journey with me. Kisses ~ Desirae

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